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It is possible that at some point you saw on the street a girl with bows in her hair; doll makeups, extravagant skirts, and with a lot of pink or black color, then you have seen a Lolita girl. And the fact is that the fancy Lolita wear has established itself as a style of dress related to the character in Nabokov’s novel Lolita.
However, although many people see it as a simple fashion, this subculture was born from the refusal of women to yield to the role that Japanese society imposed for centuries. Lolita is originated in the 1970s when several groups of young Japanese women began to silently protest through their clothing.

Over the years, the use of this type of clothing became an act of rebellion against the role of a good wife imposed by Japanese society. These women, young and old, just wanted to be free, without having to spend the rest of their lives devoted to their husbands and wearing only kimonos.
It was then, in the 1990s, that the fancy Lolita dress became popular as a fashion item. The Lolita dress has a doll-like look that reflects the elements of those garments of previous centuries, especially those of the Victorian era. However, today you can find many options in the Lolita dress market and not only in Japan but also in many other countries around the world.

lolita dresses

At Lolitain we have hundreds of designs, styles, and types of Lolita that exist today. On our platform, you can find all the complete outfits, from the simplest accessories to makeup. In addition, you will find different sizes, colors, and much more, to look like a Japanese Lolita. And if that’s not enough, we also offer you a custom made Lolita dress in case you want to make your own original dress.

Lolita experience pavilion

Many women, young and old, have been very curious about this popular fancy Lolita dress. If you are one of those girls who want to look and feel like real Lolita, then you have to know about the Lolita experience pavilion. From the hand of various designers and expert advisors in the Lolita dress sims 3, you can immerse yourself in this exclusive fashion.
This is a group of people who are in charge of teaching you everything you need to know to become a Lolita girl. They also offer Lolita wear of different styles, with which you can carry out a complete transformation. In addition, they will not only teach you how to dress but also how to act, since true Lolita is not just about looking like an anime character.
We recommend you to hire this group of experts to live the experience of being real Lolita and carry out your transformation wearing the best fancy Lolita dresses.

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Lolita playmaker

On the other hand, there is the Lolita playmaker industry. The Lolita playmaker consists of a kind of convention where several Lolita girls get together to participate in different games, all wearing different fancy Lolita dresses.
In the Lolita playmaker, you can also find experts and other fans that will allow you to live a better experience playing with Lolita or even meeting through video games where Lolita wears and different Lolita characters are represented.
These industries, the pavilion experience, and the playmaker want to promote the image and fashion of Lolita’s worldwide. After all, it has been discovered that many girls and adult women have always wanted to meet and enjoy a Lolita dress sims 3 without having to be ashamed to wear it.

 dress lolita dress

Lolita Cafe

Since Lolita originally come from Japan, it is very common to find girls and women dressed as Lolita. In fact, there are different places where they pay homage to them and even where the girls you see are dressed as Lolita. One of those places is the Lolita cafe.
In the Lolita Cafe, you can find girls with different Lolita wear, like Lolita dress sims 3, or even custom made Lolita dresses. And although many tourists may interpret these places in a different way, it is necessary to emphasize that the dress and attention of the Lolita do not induce more than serving coffees and other local products.
In some of the Lolita cafes, you can choose the Lolita you want to be served while waiting in line to enter. Once you have chosen one, she will approach you and take your order.

lolita dresses

A characteristic of Japanese Lolita is that they are made up in such a way that you can’t tell their age, they all look like teenagers. Their style with two ponytails in their hair and a lot of makeup confuses anyone.
It is important to mention that Lolita are not maids or maidservants. The authentic Lolita strives to live the life of a princess, without masters or anyone forcing them to serve. In addition, Lolitain brands are taking Lolita wear to different parts of the world to make this fashion known and allow girls from all over the world to wear it.

lolota dress

Beyond the origin that the Japanese Lolita has had, this movement has become a trend that has led many young people and young adults to prolong their adolescence as much as possible, because this is how Lolita looks like.
Lolita fashion has become very appealing to people between the ages of 18 and 35 who want to wear their own styles and characters while feeling young for longer. Some label these people as immature, but just because a 30-year-old wants to still look young and wear a Lolita dress sims 3 does not mean they are not mature.
Currently, Lolita wear is accepted and worn by thousands of people around the world, even in Latin American countries. This shows that it is a movement that transforms the lives of many girls, making them feel free to wear their fancy Lolita dresses.
If you have not bought your first Lolita dress yet, we invite you to visit our store and see all the Lolita dresses we have available, as well as offers and promotions.

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